At Tucker & Tighe, P.A. we recognize client service as our number one priority. To us, client service is made up of the following:

Comprehensive Legal Work.
For any legal task, we give thorough analysis of the circumstances and background conveyed to us by our client, weigh alternate solutions and ramifications, and research the law and legal developments as necessary.

We know that our legal product and advice to our clients must be delivered with all the promptness required by the circumstances. We understand that often events dictate their own time requirements and we strive to meet such time requirements.

Client Communication.
We recognize that our legal work will only be effective if we listen carefully to our clients' concerns, convey our advice to our clients in clear and understandable terms, refraining from "lawyers only" language, and fully exchange ideas with our clients and answer all questions. Client communication also includes being available for our client's phone calls and, when unavailable, returning phone calls as soon as possible.

Reasonable Charges.
We agree that we are only worth our client's patronage if our charges are reasonable and competitive with the legal marketplace. Our billing practices are specifically designed to give our clients full information on any charges. Also, we will always strive to evaluate and suggest alternative solutions to legal problems, so that our clients will have the option of the least costly solution.